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We are the first and only independent perfume lab in Prague.

EST. 2016



Our work it is our passion and our live. Personal made fragrances.

We believe that everyone can be the designer of their own personalized scent. 

Our fascination for fragrances started at a very young age where we were collecting everything perfume. As a kids, we were fascinated by this poetic world. Our love for ingredients came later when we learnt perfumery and spent time understanding this amazing world.

In our rustic interior you can find a variety of flasks filled with a multitude of scents as well as handmade candles and room perfumes.

In Perfumed Prague you can smell many pure scents and learn more about them. We go for avantgarde, providing unique fragrances.


The fragrance essences which You will find in our lab come from the French city of Grasse, the world’s perfume capital. The fragrance essences produced in this part of Provence are used by all significant perfume producers in the world. We put most our love and attention into the quality of our juices (the formulas) and we invite you to watch how they are made with care, everyday. 

We make perfumes and show you what's inside.


We are not only offering personal scents – our brand portfolio also includes space for scented laboratory candles and interior perfumes. Our candles have been created out of love to minimalism. They are handmade, produced on a small scale, from natural candle grease with minute details in mind. All our products are eco – friendly.

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