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1. The surface of the candle is not completely smooth and there are fine irregularities on it, is this normal?
We make each candle by hand, so our products may differ slightly. The fragrance oil content affects the structure of the wax and can cause fine unevenness of the top layer of wax, but this does not play a role when using the candle.

2. The wax column is lightly colored.
This is a normal property of soy wax, which has been enriched with aroma. However, this does not affect the scented properties of the candle.

3. How long do PerfumedPrague candles burn?
The maximum burning time of each candle is indicated on the label directly on the packaging.

4. Are there any rules regarding the lighting of soy wax candles?
Soy candles should burn for 1-3 hours, each time until the top layer of wax is completely dissolved.
A wick must be cut before each spark plug is lit.

5. How to extinguish a candle?
It is best to extinguish the candle classically by blowing, never close a burning candle or a candle with a rotting wick.
Before closing the candle, wait until the candle has cooled down.
Never use water or other substances to extinguish candles!

6. Can I leave candles unattended?
Never leave a burning candle unattended. Do not forget to place the candle on a surface resistant to high temperatures.

7. After the candle went out, a place formed at the end of the wick that looks like a sponge, what should I do with it?
The so-called The fungus is a naturally occurring phenomenon in soy candles. Before lighting the candle again, it must be removed. It is best to use special wick scissors or gently break off the top layer of the wick.

8. How to store soy candles?
Due to the natural ingredients used, it is best to store soy candles at room temperature in a shady place, and direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided.

9. What can I do with a used glass container by candlelight?
Empty soybean candle containers can be washed in warm water and reused to store various small items or, for example, as a flower bed for succulents. If you have no use for the container, you can bring it back to our studio and we will use it again - or we will refill it for you, at a better price.

10. How is a soy wax candle different from your favorite paraffin candles?
We create our scented candles from and to by hand, with the care of the smallest details and environmentally friendly methods. In our workshop we use exclusively natural waxes. Soy wax as a natural raw material is biodegradable, does not contain harmful pesticides, herbicides or heavy metals. Soy candles are characterized by a low burning temperature, which affects the length of their burning. Pure soy wax has a delicate creamy scent. Soy wax candles do not smoke and burn longer than paraffin candles of the same weight. Scented candles from our studio are equipped with natural cotton wicks, without lead and chemicals. We carefully select all suppliers to ensure that our candles meet your expectations.

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