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shipping and payment



1. These terms and conditions apply to the fragrance studio "Perfumed Prague" with its registered office in Prague, ul. Karolíny Světlé 285/20, which owns the website and which is hereinafter referred to as the studio Perfumed Prague or studio.

2. The owner of the company is: Olga Dworzycka, running a business registered in Prague,
Karolíny Světlé Street 285/20, IČ 09597204, DIČ CZ685326509.

3. Opening hours of the Perfumed Prague studio: from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11:00 to 20:00. The Perfumed Prague studio is closed on public holidays and public holidays. Opening hours can be changed depending on customer needs. It is possible to order workshops for creating your own fragrance in other hours than those listed above, but only by prior arrangement.

4. In the Perfumed Prague studio, during fragrance workshops, the customer has the opportunity to get to know the art and logic of the world of fragrances, to create their own, unique fragrance according to their own wishes.

5. Please be punctual for arranged fragrance workshops. Please inform us one day in advance about any delay or absence. In case of delayed arrival, we do not guarantee the performance of the service to the agreed extent.

6. The studio reserves the right to cancel the fragrance workshop and at the same time change the date of the reservation or arrange a new date at a later time, of which customers will be informed in advance. In the case of sudden and employee-independent situations, it is possible to cancel or change the date as soon as possible after the situation. In other cases, customers will be informed of the change of the workshop date at least 24 hours in advance of the specified date.

7. The order for the service in the Perfumed Prague studio is identical with the customer's statement that he has no health contraindications and can use the services offered in the studio and that he has read and agrees with these terms and conditions. If the customer has an allergy to fragrant ingredients, he must inform about it before registration or consult a doctor before attending workshops.

8. The provision of personal data of the client to the Perfumed Prague studio is identical with the consent of the processing of personal data by the company of Borys Andrzej Kudela in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on the protection of personal data. Studio Perfumed Prague will not pass this information on to other institutions, companies or individuals.

9. Prices for the services of the Perfumed Prague studio are listed on the website

10. The prices listed on the store page are gross prices (they include all duties and taxes, including VAT), are stated in Czech crowns and do not include costs associated with delivery.

11. A sales document in the form of a receipt or invoice is issued for each goods sold - at the customer's request.

12. Promotions and discounts offered to customers of the Perfumed Prague studio do not add up.

13. All ingredients and odors formed contain alcohol and are flammable. Do not use near fire, open flames or heat source. It must not be swallowed. They are intended for external purposes only.

14. The recipe of a specially selected fragrance at the customer's request, resulting from the combination of individual fragrance components, will not be certified by a professional laboratory.

15. All products and services that Perfumed Prague offers to the participants of the workshops (including all created fragrances) are intended exclusively for their own needs. Customers may not sell or resell any of the products or services they have received from Perfumed Prague.

16. The content of the website (, workshop materials, labels, branding and packaging, together with the workshop methodology, are copyrighted materials ("PP Materials"). The user of the workshops agrees not to use or make available any PP materials without the consent of Perfumed Prague.

17. The customer is responsible for the valuable things and items he left in the Perfumed Prague studio. The studio employees are not responsible for valuable things and items that the customer left here.

18. All people in the studio are obliged to follow the rules of these rules.

19. The studio staff reserves the right to refuse to start a fragrance workshop in justified cases.

20. Studio Perfumed Prague reserves the right to change these terms and conditions and the rules.


1. In the Perfumed Prague studio, it is possible to obtain a gift voucher.

2. The voucher can be purchased in the studio or ordered by e-mail.

3. A voucher ordered online is sent to the customer at the address specified by him immediately after posting the payment on the seller's account - if it is not collected in person. In the case of payment upon collection at the studio, the voucher is issued at the time of payment.

4. The order is suspended until we receive confirmation of payment. The order will not be sent until the payment is posted to our account.

5. Please state the order number as a message to the recipient.

Bank transfer details:

Bank: Komerční banka

Account number: 2701887643/2010 / IBAN: CZ6020100000002701887643 SWIFT: FIOBCZPPXXX

6. The voucher can be exchanged for any goods in the studio that correspond to the value of the amount stated on the voucher. The voucher cannot be exchanged for cash (cash).

7. The customer is obliged to pay the difference in price if the value of the goods is higher than the nominal value of the voucher.

8. The voucher is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. The gift voucher must be used within this time frame.

9. A gift voucher that has not been used during the validity period and whose expiration date has expired is invalid.

10. The gift voucher must be shown in the studio before the workshop. A missing coupon automatically means that the service will not be performed.

11. Perfumed Prague is not responsible for a gift voucher that has been lost or destroyed.

12. The customer with the voucher is obliged to book an appointment in advance, by phone

or by email.

13. If the reservation is not canceled in person, by phone or e-mail before

by the agreed date of the workshop, the gift voucher is recognized as used.

14. In serious cases, the validity of the voucher can be extended, but only with the prior agreement of both parties. In exceptional situations, we can extend the gift voucher once for 1 month. However, this extension must be reported during the validity of the gift voucher.

15. At the customer's request, it is possible to pay extra for the voucher if the value of the services that the customer wants to use exceeds the value of the coupon.

16. These rules are an integral part of the gift voucher. During the order, the buyer declares that he has read their contents and fully agrees with them.

17. Reservations in the Perfumed Prague studio can be made by phone at +420 607 800 307 or by e-mail to:

18. The reservation is confirmed after a telephone agreement with the studio employee and an appointment suitable for both parties.

19. A reservation made by e-mail to the address: is always confirmed by a studio employee.

20. Studio Perfumed Prague reserves the right to cancel a reservation or reschedule, in which customers will be informed in advance by telephone or e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the customer when booking.


1. The seller is obliged to deliver non-defective goods to the customer. The seller is liable to the consumer if the goods have a physical or legal defect. If the goods have a defect, the consumer can sign a declaration of price reduction or cancellation of the purchase contract or request a replacement of the defective goods for non-defective, or to eliminate the defect.

2. The guarantee can only be claimed by consumers. Non - consumer customer and

sellers as parties do not accept each other's warranty for defects.

3. Warranty claims must be made at: Perfumed Prague Karolíny Světlé 285/20 Prague Old Town. To speed up the complaint process, it is necessary to deliver the claimed goods together with the purchase confirmation and the complaint protocol (ie state the person who is complaining, describe the defect of the goods and request for the method of resolving the complaint).

4. The seller will respond to the consumer within 14 (fourteen) days. About resolving a complaint a

as a result, the seller informs the customer in a message sent to the address

stated by the customer in the complaint.

5. The complaint process also applies to services provided by the seller in

electronic form. Complaints about services provided electronically

can also be sent to the seller's e-mail:


1. A consumer who has concluded a distance contract may withdraw from it without giving a reason by sending the relevant written declaration within 14 (fourteen) days from: (a) in the case of a purchase contract - from the consumer taking over the goods or designating a third party other than the delivery man; (b) for other contracts - from the date of conclusion of the contract.

2. If the consumer has sent a declaration of withdrawal before the seller has accepted his offer, the offer shall cease to be binding.

3. In the event of withdrawal, the seller shall reimburse to the consumer all payments received, including costs associated with the delivery of the goods (except for costs resulting from a chosen method of delivery other than the cheapest method of delivery offered in the store), without delay and in no case later than within 14 (fourteen) days from the day on which the seller was informed of the consumer's decision to withdraw from the contract.

4. The consumer is obliged to return the goods to the seller without delay, but no later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which he withdrew from the contract. To meet the deadline, just send the goods before the deadline.

5. The consumer is responsible for the reduction in the value of the goods as a result of their use exceeding the scope necessary to verify the properties, type and functionality of the goods.

6. The consumer whose contract concerns one of the cases of contracts listed in 634/1992 Coll. Does not have the right to withdraw from the contract. Of the Consumer Protection Act, and in particular:

• contracts for the performance of a service, if the seller has provided the service in full with the express consent of the consumer, who was informed before the commencement of performance that he would lose the right to withdraw from the contract after the performance.

• contracts for which the subject of performance is a thing delivered in a sealed package can no longer be returned after opening the package due to health protection or hygienic reasons, if the package was opened after delivery.

7. The direct costs of sending the goods back to the seller, in the situation of withdrawal from the distance contract, shall be borne by the consumer.

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